Top 10 Android Apps You Must Download In 2019

Top 10 Android Apps You Must Download In 2019

The amount of applications in the Google Play Store has increased to approximately 2.5 million by December 2018. In the interim, there are various applications with similar functionalities.

Thus, rather than attempting every one of them, we have spared you some time by assembling this rundown of best free Android applications ever. These are likewise a part of the required Android applications that you must have on your Android phone in 2019.

1. WhatsApp

Top 10 Android Apps You Must Download In 2019
Source- Time Magazine

WhatsApp is an open-source, instant messaging app with the help of which users can interact with each other by having phone’s internet service. It is 1 of the topmost Android apps in India.
It gives you the ability to send text messages and voice notes, share links, pictures, and location, do video calls, etc. with anyone across the world. It is among the most secure Android messaging apps and is also be accessed from a desktop atmosphere.

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2. Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps is a network mapping service for real-time GPS navigating, travel, traffic, and details about millions of people. It gives road maps, satellite description, real-time travel info, short-cut journey outlining, etc.

The app includes detailed maps of more than 200 countries and regions. With the assistance of the Google maps controls, you can find an unidentified location effortlessly. It is one of the necessary Android applications.

In the event that you experience issues with Maps like average application speed or interface trouble, you can look at Android Auto, another Google map application which consequently upgrades your entire gadget to remove diversions while driving.

3. MX Player

MX Player

This video player for Android bolsters practically all the essential video and sound document designs. It packs67 a ton of highlights including altering of caption time periods, swift forwarding and volume control changes, actions for zooming all through a video, on-screen child lock and some more.

MX Player is accessible for free with advertisements. Besides, it accompanies extra modules for additional functionalities.

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4. Google Duo

Google Duo
Source-The Verge

Google Duo is a standout amongst the best video calling applications for Android with a simple interface. It’s very simple to sign in and verify your number, and you can make quick video considers simply like making a standard phone call.

Its one of a kind “Knock Knock” include gives you a chance to have a live see of the guest before you get the call. One can furthermore drop video messages to somebody in case he/she isn’t available at that time.

Google Duo is a standout amongst the most prevalent applications and is accessible on Android and iOS.

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5. Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an AI personal assistant that enables clients to explore, impart, and complete a lot of things. You can use the Google Assistant on your Android or iOS gadgets to trigger applications, pose any inquiries, make changes, make arrangements, and so forth including these 30+ Super Useful Voice Commands.

It takes a shot at almost every phone despite the manufacturer. On certain gadgets, you can even open the screen using the Google voice feature. Furthermore, in the event that you use Google services like Chrome, Search and so on, you will get customized results upon a pursuit. Nowadays, Google has pushed a lot of highlights in the Google Assistant application.

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6. Swiftkey

Source-The Verge

SwiftKey keyboard is trusted by more than 250 million customers around the world. It uses artificial intelligence that empowers it to learn and attractively predict what the client plans to type.

Swiftkey highlights autocorrect and gesture composing for quicker input. In addition, there is an inbuilt GIF web crawler, a wide scope of topics and is a phenomenal keyboard for bilingual people.

Swiftkey does not store data from secret key fields and touchy data, for example, charge card numbers. In general, Swiftkey will improve your composing background and is an unquestionable requirement have an application on your Android gadget.

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7. Google News

Google News
Source-Buy Google News Sites

Google News application is known for communicating relevant news in the news channel by utilizing A.I procedures.

Google News Android application allows “for you” tab which shows customized news and hitting on “full coverage” displays the related news story published by several publishers, highlighting every one of the points of view.

In the Newsstand segment, you can buy into various news sources and magazines. The best part about Google News application is that it has an enormous database of news sources which means even the less known media distributors can be discovered the application.

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8. WPS Office

WPS Office
Source-WPS Office

WPS is a free Office Suite application with all required features. It is completely compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and incorporates PDF, introductions, spreadsheets, reminder, Google docs, and so on.

The application additionally accompanies a free PDF converter, editor, reader, alongside record sharing abilities, underpins multi-window mode, data encryption, and so on. It is simple and easy to use, and you can likewise interface with the Cloud Drive to consequently save your records to the cloud stage. In total, it is a standout amongst the best Android office applications.

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9. Google Chrome

Google Chrome
Source-Malwarebytes Labs

Google Chrome is a cross-stage browsers application. It has free and essential highlights like boundless tabs, HTML5 support, work area matching up, fast connects to most loved destinations, worked in Google search and Google translate, and so forth.

The application is advantageous, quick and furnishes a safe perusing background with a lot of adjustable options. Google Chrome is a standout amongst the best Android browsers application.

10. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher
Source-Droid Life

Nova Launcher is a standout amongst the best Android launchers being on the Play Store for a long time. The launcher is smooth, quick, lightweight and accompanies huge amounts of customizations. Additionally, there are several logo packs available in the Google Play Store to modify its appearances.

Nova Launcher underpins app-drawer customization, has a scrollable dock, notification badges, organizer and logo customization, and packs around twelve gestures for simple route. The launcher application is free to download, yet its prime version reveals a lot of different highlights including some locked signs.

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